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Feb 08, 2019 16:52:00

July & Dallas

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Daniel Lucas

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Her eyes widened, a deafening horde raging towards me, as she noted the beads of sweat galloping down my forehead, crawling through the thick brush of hair, and a removed hat, I felt the ring of heat tighten as embarrassment coursed from my toes, but it didn't matter, soon enough I felt my spine pinch and my shoulder blades contract, welcoming an awareness of self, of other, of love, of the future - and I found myself with hordes for eyes, some sort of reverse near-death experience; a near-life experience perhaps, the moment when your entire world opens up and every possibility piles in; a clown car ready to whip through the circus and de-prison the elephants.

Her eyes widened, a blank canvas, a whimpering I could see - inaudible behind the sounds of my voice, or my fist against the glass, once, then twice, then silence, and weeping, the parasites from the street crawling through my pant leg, the barbs of her tongue slowly ripping apart my distended liver, her skin crawling and shaking, a PTSD awoken as her body collapsed in on itself, the tightest little armadillo I've ever seen outside of Texas, my pure bright light, the mother of our mythical child, slumping with the parasites on Folsom street, an urgency overcame my infirm attempts at safety, a near-death experience fulfilled; I learned a new way of speaking that night: I learned the "completion" of suicide; I felt the unchained lions take revenge.

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