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Jan 19, 2019 21:11:39

Journey of Week 3

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Seun Oyebode

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Saturdays are for reports. 

The reports are for me really. It works for me as a forced reflective note. It helps put my week or better put writing career into perspective ;).

Writing 200 words a day is making me better. 

I know it. My articulation process can testify (lol).

I started Letter to my younger self series this week. I loved writing each of it. Gathering my thoughts on those letters were nostalgic. I'd do it again. And I recommend it for all. 

Stand in today and give life advice to your younger self. It would help you a lot. 

The first was about growing up in the largest black nation on earth - Nigeria. The second was about my early days of access to computers. The third was about my faith in Christ Jesus.

The fourth in the series was about unusual assets.

Writing this week has been awesome.

So I opened an account on MailChimp today. I'm starting a Newsletter. 

One of the vital encouraging factor is the fact that i'm getting better as writer logging in 200 words here daily. I'm so excited about the newsletter.

So far, so good.

200 words a day has been of great benefit to me. And i won't stop.


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