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I'm a Summer baby and have always been pretty vocal about how much I prefer it to Winter. This January, however, I'm starting to see arguments for the other side. Admittedly, I'm writing this in my parent's house which is far cleaner, warmer, and altogether nicer than my student house (wait til next week and I'll probably retract all these words) but at the moment I'm enjoying the kind of cold calm that January brings.

Running in the cold, as long as it doesn't come with rain, is also so much better. Whilst there are plenty of new year's resolution runners still out and about, there is something about layering up, getting out, and being able to run without a) thinking you might pass out from the heat and b) being constantly met with athletic bodies with not much clothing on.

The grey days (this is England after all) have their own calm to them, and chasing what light we do get means I easily feel like I'm getting the maximum out of my day. As I say, watch this space for when I'm living somewhere I have to pay extortionate prices for my own heating, but at the moment I'm getting lots done and doing plenty of planning and preparing in a dim but silver kind of January.

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