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Jan 28, 2019 14:26:21

January 2019 is Ending

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Gene Lim

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Today is January 28, 2019. 3 more days left before the first month of the year ends. A lot that I have achieved but I still felt that I have not done enough. Party is because of new new job. I am tasked to complete the first version of the product by the end of January and with only 3 more days left, it feels like it has turned into a suicide mission right now with so many more works to be done.

Something that I am proud of myself is being able to accomplished something different this first month of the year is that I was able to do daily workout by jogging for an hour in the morning with an exceptional that I fell sick these past 3 days. Tomorrow will be another new day for me to continue my morning session.

Putting that aside, today I did some work even though I am still not 100% recovered yet so that I could put me not so far behind from my deadline. I also listed down the task that I have not completed and spread them out for the remaining 3 more days. If I am able to keep up with the listed task and without any sudden impossible bug to fix, I should be on time before the submission.

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