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Jan 28, 2019 12:00:59

January 2019 is almost over...

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Brian Ball

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January 2019 is almost over, here's what I'm noticing.

Cleaning my desk is clearing my mind. If I want more focus, I need to get rid of the visual clutter.

On my computer, I can close down the tabs with OneTab to tidy up the distractions.

For a daily review, I use a custom Google Form embedded in a locally hosted web page, so I can type review.test in a browser and quickly fill out my form. It gets emailed to me and saved as a PDF. I review it in the after noon to see if I'm on plan. I noticed my resistance to following plans has lead to actually creating more organic plans rather than more strict.

I'm still using everyday.app as a nice visual reminder to do things like pushups and pull-ups and my daily review and my writing. The consistency is causing me to be curious about how to get stronger. So, what started out as a daily requirement to do at least one pull-up, turned into one pull-up every 30 seconds yesterday until I did 15. Starting with one pull-up per day has progressed to fifteen. That's progress I'm excited about.

Slack has proven to be a great distraction and tremendous time suck. As I build out some ideas in 2019, I imagine I'll be participating less with general conversations.

How about you? Pick a thing that worked for you in January and that you'll continue with. Just hit reply and share it.

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