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Mar 25, 2019 05:44:19

It's the last week of March. You know what that means.

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Actually, it does not really mean anything unless you live in the US and you haven't filed your taxes yet. Then you are a week closer to the deadline. 

If you have read any of my writing, you might have been expecting a certain point of view. Maybe something like, "It's the last week of March. Only one more week to accomplish those monthly goals and get ready for April!" That's true but not want I feel compelled to write today.

It's the last week of March. So what. It's another week. Today is just another Monday. Or is it? 

Today can be just another Monday like many other Mondays in which you dread starting the week, and do nothing to move yourself forward. Or today can be a new Monday. One where you are happy to be starting another week and eager to take advantage of more time on this earth to provide value to yourself and others. 

The point is that the time on the calendar is arbitrary. It can be helpful for planning, but you should not be locked into it. The last week of March can be just as powerful as the first week of January if you focus. You remember the first week of January, right? That week where anything was possible, and 2019 is the year when it all happens! Where did all that enthusiasm go?

It's the last week of March. So what. You live each day, one day at a time. It's a new day. Make it count. 

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