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May 01, 2019 06:59:10

It's not a choice

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I am struggling to think about what to write again this morning.

It is just a void, behind where my eyes are.  A blank space where my impetus, inspiration, creativity and drive should be.  Writing about having writer's block is probably a good way to address it and help the words flow.

I wonder if writer's block is a similar feeling to feeling depressed?  That disconnected, blank feeling that prevents you from doing anything.  I guess it might be similar, but because depression is a disease, you can't help feeling like that.  But with writing, it is a choice.

Some people think that having depression, or being affected by it, is also a choice.  I worked with a man, whose wife would say something like "he just needs to pull himself together" or "he just needs a good slap and get over it" type comments when she found out someone at work was essentially seriously depressed and near to having a breakdown.

Some people have no empathy for things like depression.  Especially if it has never touched them or their family and they have no experience of it.  Her comments just smack of immaturity and are helpful to no one, just making her look and sound awful.  It's a bit like saying to a person with a broken leg "just get up and get on with it!".  It's kind of sad - for people like her.

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