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Feb 12, 2019 21:07:49

It's been a long week

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Janne Koponen

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...and it's only Tuesday. Somehow I have been quite tired, feels like haven't still recovered from the last week and now this one is already full on.

And it won't get any quieter before the week is over. Somehow things tend to accumulate and this week is one of those where I have something for almost every day. Today was the only day I had nothing. And I still feel tired.

I already felt tried at the beginning of the day. I thought I wouldn't get much done today. And for a moment it actually seems like that. But then I just started doing things. One at the time, without hurry. And in the end I actually ended up doing quite a lot today.

Which is good as I suspect I won't have much time to do anything extra during the rest of the week. Maybe just a few occasional tasks every now and then. Just enough to keep my streak up and running. Just the minimum required amount. Better save my energy just for getting through the week.

The funny thing is there seems to be only as many days coming up during the next month with some days like these than I have during this week. Why can't all this be more evenly distributed among the weeks and not pile up all in one week. I'm sure after that tranquil moment there is another week like this just waiting for me. At least I will have plenty of time to do other things until then.

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