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Nov 24, 2018 15:21:11

It all started with a draft...

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Gene Lim

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So many things running in my mind and I have been staring on my screen for quite some time, yet I do not know where to start...
I want to talk about my life, myself, my career, my family...and yet, I have not started to write any single word about any of it.
The most challenging part of daily writing is how to narrow down an overflowing ideas running in your mind; with the aim to inspire readers or at least to make sense to whoever wants to read it. Writing takes a lot of courage because you have to divulge some part of yourself that you wish to keep private...you wish to keep for yourself.
I am known to be a man of few words. It is not that I hate to communicate; it is more of how to organize my thoughts to make more sensible and beneficial to the person I am talking to. Can I ask the people in front of me to pause for a while since I am not yet done with my draft? Certainly, not possible.
Perhaps, this is the beauty of writing. Yes, there were times that you will run out of ideas or face difficulty to filter great topics, yet, you have the liberty to pause the time and create first a good draft.  
Enough of this. Time to move forward with my writing...but let me start it with a draft.
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