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Jun 29, 2019 12:47:21

Is It Better To Want More, Or Be More Grateful?

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Jack Lyons

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Most people would probably say "duh, being grateful is way more important..." But really... while we might say that to others, do we actually practice gratitude ourselves?

I spend a lot of time pondering about life and what's good, what could be better and what I really would want if I could have anything. I try to be grateful with what I have but I think it's really just human nature to yearn for more.

So, is it better to simply be happy and live life full of gratitude just for being? Or should be we strive for more, effectively working to become better humans?

Is that what more actually means? 🤔

I feel like a balance should be met somewhere, at some stage in life ... But when you're young and full of fire isn't it OK to be hungry for more, almost to the point of being selfish? The desire to work hard and create a better life is in us all. I suppose it depends on how greedy you want to be, right?

Is there anything so bad about having big dreams, though?

I'd say it usually just comes down to money. The more we have of it, the greater chance we have of living a comfortable life. Once a certain level of comfort has been reached there is more opportunity to help others, experiment, travel, be creative, and do activities that give us joy.

If all our money problems were stripped away, do you think we'd generally be more grateful, just by default of not having to struggle?

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