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May 15, 2019 18:23:14

intuitive communication

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Technologies gives us a lot of the capabilities that we can use as boon and makes everything better. And I think that this better will bring us to nature things where everything will be intuitively.

Interesting fact: we can't use computer without learning how to do it. Learning is always a good thing... But what if communication with these devices will be intuitive like communication between people? 

There are a lot of factors of communication with people and one of them is emotions.

Emotions reglate and control our life. It's a basic function, it's a reaction on environment.

What if design will alter based on our emotions? It would make everything what we use more inuitive. And how can we recognize them?

In my experiment with design and AI, I use only one way β€” web-camera that turns on when you allow it. But there are many ways to know human's emotions and some of them are used for achieving other goals: suggesting ad, approving credit, taxi price(*), help police to find missing people, etc.

For example, we can understand human's emotions by their messages. Usually, people share their emotions, thoughts with others. Alternatively, reading of profiles is easier way. Likes, comments, browser search requests, money we spend, stories on Instagram, people who we meet (it can be checked with map and people's location) β€” it can help to know what human is feeling at the current moment and create the best personilized suggestings to them.

It is a big arrays of information, that should be analized. The big data is what does it. It's the future that could be fearful if there will be problems with privacy and ethics. 

About taxi price: if you have many taxi apps that you ragularly use, some of them will suggest lower price. I heard about it in a video about big data.

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