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Mar 02, 2019 23:10:37

International Primary School Or Government Primary School?

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My big kid is k1 ( kindergarten 1 ) this year, 2 more years and he going primary school. Since he needs to register for government school first this year ( yup 2 years early ), we were trying to look around a few different types of primary school for him first, in order to compare.

Today one of the nearby International School Open day, my wife and I decided to bring the big kid to visit, let him learn about different type of primary school. The major issue for the big kid is he prefers Mandarin teaching more than English teaching, although he really attracted by the school.

After finishing the school tour and talked to the student there, My wife and I feel that why we don't have a school like this during our time. Almost everything is what we admire. 

  • Small class limit to 25 students.
  • Open to learning a lot of things ( music class got different instruments and PE class got swimming ).
  • Lesser learning days but longer hours.
  • Not Teaching to the test style education, understand the teachers here are more open and encouragement types.

The disadvantages other than cost will be discipline, understand student from government Chinese school are more behave, something that it seems generally weak on International school.

The big kid still got 2 more years to decide. Hopefully, can make a decision that suitable for him.

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