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Mar 21, 2019 11:33:40

Interesting & Doable

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Brian Ball

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I have an old list of emails. They're all customers of AppZapper. My plan is to send out a request and start random conversations.

My goal is to brainstorm with people and find another product or service at the intersection of Interesting & Doable. That is, it's got to be interesting to both of us and it's within our skill set. I might partner again or I might get an idea I can do on my own. But, I have to say I love playing tennis with ideas - where we both keep hitting the idea back and forth across the net.

The AppZapper uninstaller got started because I was chatting up software developers as I tried to sell them an advertisement spot on my MacSquares website. It was fun. I was doing something in basic HTML + PayPal + email.

I figured, they already have their software complete - they need more exposure. I didn't have a plan for traffic generation, but figured I'd price it low enough as to not be risky. One new sale would cover the monthly or quarterly ad spend.

It started working. I was selling $10 ads like cute kids sell lemonade on a hot day. I was all smiles. My bills were going to get paid that month.

Then, I asked a simple question: What are you working on next?

The reply came - I'm looking for ideas.

"ideas" was, and still is, a keyword of mine - ( I know now how valuable the execution part is ) 

I shared ideas. We found one. We built and launched a product. It's been selling every day for 13 years. 

If you notice I'll chat up strangers pretty easily, now you know why. You just never know who you'll bump into.

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    @brianball - :) Let's chat.

    You are posting a lot today. I need whatever you are on.

    Keni avatar Keni | Mar 21, 2019 14:40:57
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