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Jan 15, 2019 21:13:36

Inspiration or reward?

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Janne Koponen

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I admit I do consume a lot of useless stuff. Or at least things that wouldn't need to. The time wasters. But on the other hand its hard to give up on them completely. I still need some time to relax and enjoy something somebody else has done.

The problem only comes from if spending time on those useless things is starting to take too much time away from the more meaningful stuff. So in a sense, it would be better to do something meaningful first, and only after completing those tasks to give myself the freedom to waste some time as a reward.

But those time wasters can also work as an inspiration. Especially if you need to do some creative work like writing. Reading about some random topics might give ideas to write about. Or they can inspire different thoughts, like this one I'm writing about just now.

Wasting time on something that doesn't require too much focus also helps me to set my mind wandering. When it doesn't have to focus on anything particular it can end up in some really interesting places. Then I just need to pull myself out of the consumer mode and write it down.

Best way probably would be to chain those things so that I start with something mechanical, something that doesn't require inspiration but maybe some motivation in the form of reward. And then get the inspiration for the next task from enjoying that reward.

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