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Feb 20, 2019 22:31:28

Input vs. Output

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Julia Saxena

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We care about output. How much money we make, how much affection with receive from our loved ones, the muscle definition of our bodies, the degrees we earned ... I could continue just like this. Output is what we want. 

The crux is that we rarely have full control of the output. Will our input x lead straight to output y? Maybe. Maybe not. We can never control all the factors involved. 

What we can and should control is our input. Especially how much time we spend on certain areas of our life. Often, we wonder why we aren't achieving what we want. There is a misalignment between our input and what we expect to receive as an output. 

If we're rarely spending time with our friends because we're too busy at work, we shouldn't be surprised that the output "lasting friendships" is suffering. 

If we're expecting our side business to bring in a substantial amount of money, then we can't complain if it doesn't materialize when we spend most of our spare time on social media instead of working on the business. 

We can reach an alignment by identifying the areas in life that are important to us and by making sure we give them enough time and input.  

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