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Jul 06, 2019 17:07:02

Inner you is outer you.

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Calmness. Happiness. Power.

It is what I feel at the current moment. I love me, I love my life. I am amazing. I wonder will I feel it tomorrow? Yes, if I will want it.

Everything is empty in our life. You. Only you can paint this β€œeverything” into a color you want. 

This is so good that everything is depending only on you (except of things you are not responsible for). All your dreams can come true! You can make all your dreams come true! You just need to work on yourself everyday. You just need to be the best copy of yourself every day.

What is happiness? It is when outer you are the same as inner you. I am aiming for that. I realised it recently, after that I know what I want in my life, what I want to do. 

It is important to love yourself, care about yourself, your body. I think you need to define what is love for you and how to love yourself. You can love yourself like somebody, for example, like you love your lover or love yourself like you love an artist/son/daughter/father/mother etc.

Thanks for reading. Be happy.

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