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Mar 24, 2019 09:10:43

Infinity Exercise

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Brian Ball

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Close your eyes and ask where am I?

Then, keep asking - "and what is to my left just beyond what I can see?" ( and make something up. )

Then ask, and what is another mile beyond that.

You should be able to ask this many times. You might get to Asia or Africa or Brazil. Eventually, you'll be back where you started - where you are now. 

Is this how time works?

Do we just get to the end of our lives - and then we start again?

Do we get to the end of the day - and sleep - and start again.

The infinity symbol doesn't have a good place to start or end. It could be tilted, rotated or skewed. You can start anywhere and stop when you need to.

And who cares?

Nobody will care too much where you start or end.

Sure, we're curious creatures, so we'll notice when a new person is born - or somebody finishes this cycle. But if we just let our body as a guide - we breathe in the emotions - and let them go - then soon enough, we can't hold onto the idea that any of it matters.

Where did you end up? Did you even start - thinking it might not matter? 

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