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Feb 04, 2019 21:09:37


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Miguel Piedrafita

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I read this post on Hacker News today about quitting Google. Concerned about their monopoly and privacy policies, he decided to ditch Google completely.

What caught my eye about this was the alternatives he moved on. He replaced every Google service with a different paid indie product. What can we learn about this?

First, moving off companies like Google isn't gonna be cheap. Google makes money with your data, so they don't need to charge you. If you want a product that doesn't do shady things with your data, you'll need to pay.

It was also interesting how we're tied to our current products. If you're using Gmail and want to de-google your life, you're gonna have to forget about your @gmail.com email forever. You should be conscious about how you're tying yourself to the products you use, and how to avoid it (in Gmail's case, use a custom domain).

Finally, I love the thought of indie products solving the centralization problem we have on the web right now. With indie products, you switch from a conglomerate of products to a single one.

And what does all this mean for the makers?

We need to get better at selling our product to "normal people", to people that don't browse ProductHunt nor have ever heard about a product with "Maker" in its name. People who use Google products because it's easier for them and doesn't know any alternatives. Let 2019 be the year we get better at that

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