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Jan 24, 2019 12:32:16

Increasing complexity to make things simpler

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Janne Koponen

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Over two years ago when I started this writing journey I wanted something simple. I wanted something that is quickly up and running and didn't require a lot of setup or thought.

On the other had, as a technology enthusiast, I would have liked to do something fancy. Being in the cutting edge by setting up some static site generator deployed into the Serverless or something like that. But that would have taken my focus away from getting started with writing. I'm pretty sure that would have been unexpectedly long project where I would have been carried away with all those technical details.

So what I did was to take Drupal, a system that I have been using professionally for years and setting my blog up on top of it. Just the basic setup, nothing fancy. Basically I even ended up stripping down on the out of the box features.

Now, a bit over two years ago I'm basically doing my first upgrades to the system. This change was triggered after I started cross posting to the 200wad platform. As you can imagine it was tedious to have to post into two places at once, few unnecessary extra steps that just felt frustrating. But I still did it as I both wanted to have my own platform and enjoy the benefit of the community. When @baz, the creator of 200 wad released an API I immediately started implementing an implementation. And now, this post is the first one being automatically posted to both systems at one go.


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