Feb 10, 2019 06:04:39

Impress yourself

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Most people are externally driven, myself included. But I've been working on trying to impress myself instead of pleasing other people the best I can.

Envisioning a version of myself where I'm motivated to become and taking small steps to achieve them.

Even though envy strikes me from time to time, I find it liberating to not pay attention soon after that because I've always come to the conclusion that the single best thing I can do at that moment is to work on myself.

Here's why engaging in an alternative fantasy world where you're in a different position is a futile exercise.

First, whoever you wish to become because they're better than you at something, there's always going to be another high. There's always someone else who you'll think is better than you and you'll feel envy again.

Second, you'll never truly know if you want to be in their shoes. What if they made a certain tradeoffs you're not willing to accept? If a genie grants you the wish to completely swap your life with theirs, will you accept it? Think about it for a moment.

Instead, you can raise your own ambition and compete with yourself every day. There is a best version of you somewhere waiting to be discovered. 

You can be that person give yourself a pat at the back, "wow, can't believe you did it, great job!"

If you're really trying to impress yourself though, you know that you'll always set the post a bit further. By the time you reach the best version of you, that you will have other ideas what the next best should be.

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