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Jan 24, 2019 14:39:52


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Gene Lim

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Another week in 200wordsaday.com has passed on the topic of the week and this week's topic is about imperfection. Another broad topic to write about as it can mean a lot of things.

You can have imperfection in the household, imperfection in your work, imperfection in speaking or even imperfection in your body shape.

In this post, I am going to write about imperfection in building something. Me as a software developer daily on going task is to keep building softwares. It could be about fixing bugs, adding new features or even building something from scratch. 

This month I have been focusing on building a new product from zero under the new company that I have joined. I am supposed to get it live by end of this month or lthe latest would be early of February. As of writing this, I am on 75% of completion. I do not think that I could get it up on time unless I accept the current imperfection and launch it without any testing and even without screen responsiveness. It may not be mobile friendly yet too. 

Getting up the MVP, most viable product, is what most people will agree on doing first. Which means that I will have to get it up live even with all those incomplete testing and imperfection functions. Letting the users to be an indirect tester while I continue completing the application or fix any issues they may encounter.

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    @wernminlim yes. Very true. Myself too perfect in being imperfect. And I learn a lot from it. Even my whole life I would say.

    Gokila Sakthi Ram avatar Gokila Sakthi Ram | Jan 29, 2019 06:49:19
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      @gokilasakthiram Well they said, practice makes perfect. So probably we could reach perfection with more practice.

      Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Feb 03, 2019 14:20:05
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      @wernminlim yes. Good.

      Gokila Sakthi Ram avatar Gokila Sakthi Ram | Feb 03, 2019 19:55:03
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    @wernminlim Nice article. imo need to maintain the timeline and work hard to provide the MVP as stable as possible with in the end date and then to work on the product to continuosly improve it.

    Navin avatar Navin | Jan 25, 2019 20:30:40
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      @navinnavi Good suggestion! Making the MVP as stable as possible is what I am trying to do too. Sometimes it takes up too much time when 'Bugs' strikes.

      Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Feb 03, 2019 14:19:35
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    @wernminlim I hear you! I have run software projects (and businesses) for many years and software is never perfect. Right now we are also trying to get our MVP up by the beginning of February to launch with some beta clients. It will be fairly ugly at the beginning and have lots of to-dos, but we know that whatever we do, in the clients' eyes, it will be imperfect - so we may as well let them tell us which are the most pressing imperfections to work on!

    Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Jan 24, 2019 21:07:29
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      @arthurkendall I agree with you on the 'fairly ugly' as in I have been focusing on the functions that by the deadline, the design feels like we are still in the year 2000. At least it still works which is partly important.

      Good luck on the launch! It is February now :)

      Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Feb 03, 2019 14:18:25
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      @wernminlim Thanks! We are due to start testing this week, so more or less on track. Hopefully we won't find anything serious and we can launch the beta with clients later this month!

      How are you doing with yours?

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Feb 03, 2019 23:11:59
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    @wernminlim for me getting that “imperfect” results is quite problematic as I've always been trying to make everything super perfect and my results weren't ok because of that (contrary of what I wanted). I'm writing about my struggle with perfectionism and how I'm trying to overcome it every day since my post #25.

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