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Jan 23, 2019 16:14:28

If you are at work alone

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Today I am at work alone because my boss has left for a business trip. So it brought me an idea to write some post about work productivity.

If I am talking about myself I am being lazy if nobody stands behind my back, on the other hand, I think in general I do more work cuz I'm doing it in my way with no stress. 

Have to admit that definitely moving my focus on youtube and other interesting articles on the internet more often, and of course I have more time to write my daily 200WaD post haha so probably it's 50/50 for me I would say.

One problem I can see about my working productivity is that, for example, if I had finished some heavy tasks in the morning. I got the feeling that I am already done for that day and I start hang around. I can hardly push myself further and keep going.

How about you. Do you need someone to push you or are you totally fine to work alone? Thank you for your answers.


Btw. Right now I am reading a book Start with Why by Simon Sinek, @aravindhb4 mentioned it in one of his posts. It's pretty inspiring reading, I can definitely recommend it. 


Stay with me. Efran. 

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    @efran when I work in corp world, I often feel like need someone to push it, but after I m my own boss, I become the one pushing myself to the limit.

    Knight avatar Knight | Jan 25, 2019 22:51:04
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