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Jan 22, 2019 19:28:53

If only there was a god.

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Brian Ball

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The keys are tapping out from under my fingers. The APM isn't high, but it's consistent. I'm not wasting resources on the lower units, going straight for full upgrades and air units. Once I get to Battlecruisers, it's just a matter of covering the bases.

Why are we playing games where total annihilation is the goal? Why are the South Koreans the fastest in the game? There god answers prayers. Many Americans are praying their house won't get smashed by 300 year-old falling Oak trees or they won't freeze to death, and yet, somewhere in the world, there's a boy praying he'll have a chance at a match with Seral. Sure, it's not much of a prayer in the overall scheme of things, but it's hard to know what to pray for when you already have your homework done and you can't sleep.

Forget games. Forget work. Forget prayers. It's bed time. Dreamland is where the real action is and plenty of exercise before bed is just the formula to ensure full-body rest and deep sleep. In fact, I may put in an extra dose of pushups and pullups to ensure my fast-twitch muscles are fully exhausted. The things we do to keep our PFC busy. If only there was a god.

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