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Feb 09, 2019 11:07:04

if (knowledge === "endless" && time === "has end") Mt[3] (19/333)

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1) Why is perfectionism is bad? Perfectionism is aiming for the impossible (in the bad sense). You will not reach the ideal, because our one resource (knowledge) is endless, but another resource (time) has end. These resources help us to modify things. We can modify things while you have knowledge.

if (time  === "endless" && knowledge === "has end") { you can achieve the ideal, but this way is impossible, because get experience while you live }

if (knowledge === "endless" && time === "has end") { you can't achieve the ideal }

What if knowledge equals time? 

2) How can you kill what already is dead? (About  bad relationships.)

3) Schools teach only physical culture. Why don't school teach mental health, self-improvement, how to manage money and how business works?

4) I noticed that productivity makes positive because you realize that you can do what you want and don't waste time.

5) Every idea can become useful for people and produce a profit. For example, you have a problem β€” your smartphone can't show weather forecast (other smartphones can't do it too). You know how to improve it β€” you can create a local forecast app for your smartphone. You think, "Hmm, how can I make this idea useful for other people?". Then you come up with that you can do a forecast app for all cities in the world and even sell it.

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