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Mar 06, 2019 15:33:38

Idea that Kept me awake: DM Marketing

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I am barely on Insta but I was scrolling through it a couple of nights ago and saw that one of my favorite artists, Raja Kumari, performed in Chicago. It was too late by the time I found out about it and I was mad that I didn't find out about it soon enough. 

So how did this happen? The info was buried and there wasn't a direct touch point.

This is why emails still work for certain things but I propose DM marketing. 

I am already following your Twitter and Insta accounts. Why don't I just get a DM about the info that I care about?

A chatbot that initiates to collect info about what I want to know and get a direct message about it. 

How I envision the bot (specific to music artists)
  • A welcome message explaining the bot
  • Ask a question with options:
    • What do you want to get notified about?
      • New songs/albums
      • New shows/performance announcements
      • New shows/performance in your location (ask for preferred location(s) if selected)
      • Merch & other info
  • Thank you message

What I don't want to see happen:

  • Don't DM me more than twice a week
  • Don't sell the info that I am providing for other reasons
If an artist doesn't want to deal with unnecessary messages, he/she can have a dedicated bot account.

This can be applied to other public figures and businesses.

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