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Jan 24, 2019 16:46:13

Idea Drives

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Brian Ball

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One of the best ways I find to come up with ideas is to go for a long drive. I like to listen to an audiobook, usually non-fiction, else I'll get to tied up in the storyline or the characters. I drink a cup of coffee or two and prefer long stretches without traffic. Highways are the best. I stay away from high-sugar foods and opt for cashews or salads. Just works better for fuel and ho-ho's or donuts.

Some of my most enjoyable trips are long, solo road trips. On a cross-country road trip, I'll head out of town and drive for a few hours. Then, I'll stop at coffee shops and grocery stores and gas stations as I relax my mind and increase my thinking.

One trip was especially idea-prone. It must have been the beauty of Pike's Peak in Colorado, the visit to the Airforce Academy, and whichever local coffee I stopped in at thanks to Google Maps. It was fantastic. I had clarity about next steps in my life and business. I took copious notes on my phone and turned those into mind-maps when I pulled over and booted up my laptop.

To have good ideas, I need to read, learn, and expose myself to great quantities of material. Then, I go do something unrelated. For me, the material comes in the form of audiobooks and e-books. Then, I go for long, leisurely drives to let my brain process it all. 

How do you get your best ideas?

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    @brianball Doesn't it get lonely the long drives?

    Manoj Nayak avatar Manoj Nayak | Jan 26, 2019 03:09:08
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