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Mar 14, 2019 06:44:20

I use to have a superpower

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Yes, I use to have a superpower, no matter what time I sleep, I can wake up the next day before 8 am. Let say I work or going out until late night or maybe even until 2~3am in the morning, once I sleep and the next day before 8 am, I will wake up, without any alarm.

I found this after I start to work as an adult. Every weekend or public holidays, while most of the people will sleep late or maybe wake up in the afternoon since there is no need to work. I will wake up without failure, at least 99% of it. It first feels great, but soon it becomes a torture, imagine you play MMORPG whole night until 3 am, you feel like rest a bit more, but 8 am your body alarm wake up you. There is a period when I work as application support; I was like going back at might night and coming back to work before the sunrise. 

You feel tired and wish you can rest more, but you just can't. You are like a clock with an alarm and no way to turn it off.

The power did help me when I start to become a freelancer; everyone is asking how you discipline yourself while working at home? Don't you feel like lying down on the bed and don't want to wake up? Nope, I wake up on the dot, no matter what.

I think after years of freelancing, getting married and having kids, suddenly one day I just lost the power. I suddenly find out no longer I wake up on time without an alarm. I start to feel there is a need of alarm to wake me up in the morning, sometimes I overslept and missed the timing to send the kid to school.

Why I suddenly talk about this? I mention that starting of March, I been trying to build up new habits to wake up early in the morning and I feel like suddenly the power is back. I wake up at 6 am without alarm for the past few days. This reminds me of this superpower during my old days.

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