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Apr 28, 2019 21:06:26

I should write something else

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Janne Koponen

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I promised to write something more interesting and sensible today. But after two nights drinking and partying I feel like I have no energy left for that. So sorry, this will be yet another of these posts.

I thought this would be easier. I had the post already thought out. It would have just needed to be written out. But I just couldn't get the thoughts clear enough in my head to be able to write them or at least clear enough they would have met my expectations for it. It's the post I have been waiting to write about for quite a while now.

Maybe I just thought I had it ready in my head. Maybe it was once again the issue with thinking it is complete, but there is actually something missing that you haven't noticed.

Or maybe I have to admit that it is something I really want to write properly. I need to put some effort into it and not just scribe something like most of my writings here. Maybe this is not even the right place for it. That could be another reason for my doubts. Am I just giving excuses here why I don't want to start writing properly?

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