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I should write a book

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A few years ago I had a development discussion with my then boss. He was asking about my goals and instead of what I assume he was looking for me coming up with more professional goals I came up with two related tracks of self-impression.

I listed two paths: one for writing and another for public speaking where I would go from just writing for myself or a small internal audience as well as just speaking in our companies internal events all the way up to being invited to talk at a global big event and publishing a book.

Since then I have already hit all the other targets except authoring a book. Somehow that still feels out of my reach.

But looking back what I have done in the past two years in a sense I have already done that. I have written enough to fill two books. Sure a big portion of my writings is not worth putting in a book. But I'm sure going through all the pages I've written there would be enough material for one.

Picking up similar topics, reviewing them and maybe expanding them a little bit would surely be enough for a book. I just need to get started from somewhere. Maybe going through all those past writings and picking out the ones that would fit well together.

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