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May 20, 2019 23:50:46

I see You

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I didn’t tell him...  how beautiful he was over these last days.

His dad, going away… The past softly mixing with the present. 

And then that other world intertwining with ours. 

Colours, sounds, textures, rituals, places, people… 

Came in. Here. Transformed it. Created another dimension. 

And he, in the centre of all that. Genuine, like he is. Wholeheartedly engaged. Full of curiosity. (It always amazes me, how years, disappointments, hurts, tiredness have never overdriven that curiosity. How fresh and new every sight seems to be to his eyes. How unceasing his willingness to discover and learn.) 

The "other world". Never desired. Never even properly visited… until now. Now, when honouring His life, His love, His choices, he just went thru that door. And opened himself to everything what was waiting there... immersed...

Softly, timidly yet unwaveringly. Seriously yet with a naughty spark in his eyes. Full of respect, and love and joy… 

Wholeheartedly! That is what it was. How it was. How it is. With his whole heart.

Will you go there again? Who knows...

But you have been there. With your dad. Pushing gently his dingy* off the shore.

Thank you. It was wonderful to be nearby...

(*) I don't remember the name of the inflatable boat. I wish I did...

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    @lucjah 🖐❤️👁
    thank you. it's so moving.

    PhilH avatar PhilH | May 22, 2019 11:56:32
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