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Dec 22, 2018 15:52:06

I Miss Gaming

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I have missed out quite a few Steam promo for the past 2 years, all the Black Friday promo, summer sales promo, lots of game on my wish list was showing a big discount alert, there are times that I put those in my cart but in the end I didn't check out and complete the purchase.

This is not really a financial issue, it's more like a wastage issue, there are a few games that I bought on Steam, I never start the game or even login before. There are some games I only play for like an hour and never touch again. Just checking out my profile my last gameplay on Steam is on Jan 2017, it's been 2 years.

I miss the old day that I can just focus gaming all the way, I remember how excited I m when I complete the Warcraft without any cheat code. After MMORPG wave started, I step in World Of Warcraft and never have much time to do all these offline gaming anymore.

Now a day I don't play MMORPG anymore, don't really enjoy most of the mobile game. I feel like re-visit offline game to relax some stress, but most of the time my life been pack with kids, family, freelance and product, don't forget as a developer I still need to spend time on upgrading pick up all kind of new tech, gaming is like luxury enjoy for me.

I guess it must be near Christmas, it makes me feel like wanna treat myself better, maybe I should just buy a few games this round to reward for a tough year I been through. 

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    @knight Dude I totally get your sentiment. How much days are you taking off this Winter/Christmas time? Like off as in actually off … as in not learning any new tech but letting yourself to do things like play videogames without feeling the guilt of opportunity cost the entire time?

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Dec 22, 2018 23:49:40
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      @abrahamkim this going to be the first year I can't really take a break from work during this period, but screw it, I going to squeeze out a tiny bit of time for gaming so relax from piles of work.

      Knight avatar Knight | Dec 23, 2018 15:20:26
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      what is special about this year that you cannot take a break?

      Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Dec 24, 2018 23:27:33
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      @abrahamkim just split the company with a partner and need to fill the financial hole

      Knight avatar Knight | Dec 25, 2018 16:56:13
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    @knight I switched from Steam to itch.io this year, and it’s brought back some of the joy of gaming. I no longer want to spend 10 or 100 hours exploring one game, no matter how good it is. Itch is great to discover weird indie games and spend an hour or two learning something new.

    John Patterson avatar John Patterson | Dec 22, 2018 17:25:21
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      @johnpatterson noted, let me take a look itch.io

      Knight avatar Knight | Dec 23, 2018 15:18:24
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    @knight I don’t game as much as I used to either. If you want to dip your toe in the water again I recommend Stardew Valley as a relaxing game that is satisfying and enjoyable.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Dec 22, 2018 17:09:32
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      @brandonwilson thanks for the recommendation, will give it a try !

      Knight avatar Knight | Dec 23, 2018 15:18:02
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