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Aug 17, 2019 11:13:43

I'm joining Makerlog's staff

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Basile Samel

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I love Makerlog. It's been one of the main inspirations for 200WaD with the free streak-based community model, and I use it daily to journal my deliveries in terms of content (200WaD posts) and software releases (updates and bug fixes). The community is an integral part of my work from both an operational (tasks performed) and a strategic (personal marketing, motivational support) point of view.

I already support Makerlog financially by donating $5 a month to his creator Sergio and I'm an active user featured in the leaderboard, but I wanted to help it grow further because it's a product I believe in and I want to give back. 

This is how I ended up proposing my help to the Makerlog team a few days ago, which Sergio accepted. I'm joining Makerlog's staff as a content creator.

The situation so far:

Makerlog already has Shipcast, a live-stream account, and Makers Spotlight. Indie Hackers does in-depth podcasts and short Instagram portraits of indie entrepreneurs. Most maker interviews are usually shallow, the Q&A kind with a focus on the product and personal entrepreneurship tips. Makermag is the only publication not doing Q&A and I find it way more interesting, it just feels more genuine and gives the reader new perspectives. Most publications focus on the wildly successful makers.

According  to those points, we are going to release a new long-form format in parallel of Maker Spotlight called Making a Maker, focusing on ambitious yet not-so-well-known makers with in-depth interviews. No Q&A format articles, I  schedule a video call with personal questions about the journey to indie making, the maker's life philosophy, the struggles, the daily operations... how it all ties up  together and come up with original long-form articles. I wil make in-depth background checks to really get the whole picture, at the crossroads between philosophy, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

Right now I'm working on releasing a minimalist blog using Gatsby.js (static websites) since I already finished researching my first interviewee. 

I'm ready for my first video call interview and feel excited to help more makers develop a sustainable shipping habit! 

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    @basilesamel You are on fire and unstoppable!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Aug 17, 2019 07:52:27
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      @brandonwilson Hell yeah! :) Time to get as uncomfortable as possible and experience more!

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 18, 2019 04:42:59
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    @basilesamel - seems a perfect synergy! The first post seems it could be you and Sergio discussing how this opportunity was created.

    I think what doesn't get revealed nearly enough are the opportunities that get created when you're actively making.

    If more people thought there would be opportunities arise out of writing daily ( other than becoming a writer ) -- they might have a different view on the effort.

    Maybe @jacklyons -- is thinking too narrowly about why we write. ( i.e. it's not always about the writing )

    This is going to be cool to see unfold. Thanks for letting us all know. ( I saw it on Twitter first, so the Funnel is working. )

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 17, 2019 07:39:37
    • 1

      @brianball Yes, true. Writing affects all areas of life, it's an opportunity to connect with others to create great things.

      Thanks for the encouragements! :)

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 18, 2019 04:46:29
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    @basilesamel nice! Great that you both are teaming up! Can't wait to see the blog!

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Aug 17, 2019 20:29:48
    • 1

      @jasonleow Thanks Jason! Let's see how it goes next week.

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 18, 2019 04:46:49
  • 1

    @basilesamel Great stuff! Well done.

    Twizzle avatar Twizzle | Aug 17, 2019 12:23:51
    • 1

      @twizzle Thank you :)

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 18, 2019 04:48:15
  • 1

    @basilesamel that sounds awesome. Looking forward to checking it out.

    Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Aug 17, 2019 04:15:01
    • 1

      @keenencharles Thanks Keenen! :) Soon, and you'll have to be featured one day.

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 18, 2019 04:48:57
    • 1

      @basilesamel anytime!

      Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Aug 17, 2019 19:55:21
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    @basilesamel Congrats! Sounds exciting. And I look forward to be featured one day, after I figure out how to turn the courses I'm building into a sustainable business. 😃

    Haider Al-Mosawi avatar Haider Al-Mosawi | Aug 17, 2019 13:16:48
    • 1

      @haideralmosawi Thank you! Of course, just wave at me.

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 18, 2019 04:49:26
  • 1

    @basilesamel That's great!

    Valentino Urbano avatar Valentino Urbano | Aug 17, 2019 12:09:08
    • 1

      @valentino Thanks man :)

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 18, 2019 04:49:39
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