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May 04, 2019 11:50:32

I liked Jordan

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Sir Abe

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One time when we were rolling really deep you asked me if I ever liked Jordan. I think you even made sure to ask whether I ever 'kind of liked' Jordan. And I remember saying no. 

Before that word came out of my mouth   no   I had played a brain game. Did I ever like Jordan? Well no! Because I only had a crush on Jordan, but never got to the point where I liked Jordan. With such a game in place, I was able to say 'no' without feeling like a liar. 

But now that it's been so many years, I can now go back to this point in time and say yes, I did have a crush on Jordan and this crush lasted long enough that I might as well just have said that I once liked Jordan. It's funny cause right after I typed out those words I liked Jordan my face smiled. I'm still smiling right now.

When Jordan and Monique visited freshmen year, I had a crush on Jordan. And that wouldn't have lasted had Facebook not been around. But it had, so the crush continued. I don't know why it feels important to me that I explicitly say now that I once liked Jordan, but I woke up early from sleeping this morning with that thought in my head and the feeling of needing to tell you. And it's more for me because I guess I've known all along that you.. maybe not knew... but felt. 

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    @abrahamKim - Jordan?
    This is not fiction?
    Who is Jordan? What happen to Talia? Is Jordan - Talia's crush?

    Why are you confusing me Sir Abe?

    Keni avatar Keni | May 04, 2019 21:41:22
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      This is non-fiction. Talia lives in a different world from the one that this person lives in lol.

      And remember anything in the WestCity collection is fiction and anything not is real lol

      Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | May 05, 2019 13:17:14
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