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Jul 10, 2019 18:09:58

I have started to keep diary

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Excited me started to keep diary for inspiration things. I took a 12-pages notebook and after several hours of getting this idea, I wrote first words. It felt like a new life stage, level number three in my life. Do you know what excited me wrote? My first words was: β€œI have started to fill this notebook after several hours after I took it in my hands”. Excited beginning, isn't it? I hope it will be more excited during next time.
The reason I decided to keep the diary is that I want to track my success and bad emotions to improve it and create an environment where I can develop yourself and achieve my goals.
Also, I stopped to lie to yourself and accepted a fact that I have unresolved problems from past. To be honest, it still hurts me. I am tired of thinking about it almost every day, I need to think about situations from the past in another way, maybe. I want this diary help me to solve my inner problems. But, maybe I shouldn't blacken diary's pages by these stories? Maybe to write in on a white paper and throw away? I am afraid to accept the fact that all of this was with me. I am afraid of my past and me.
Now, after writing of this, I believe that it wasn't as bally as I thought all this time and I can deal with it.

I will continue this topic tomorrow.

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