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Apr 28, 2019 20:23:10

I have a feeling...

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Brian Ball

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I'm getting an error on auto-save.

Oops. That means it's probably not going to save once I get to my 200 words. I don't know. What's going on with the server? Are we having a database outage? Is that new server taking a break?

I just read @swizecteller give a review of Shoe Dog -- it's probably the perfect book to listen to out on a long run. When you're running, sometimes you feel so good you seem like you could run forever. If you try, however, you're a long way from home - and now, likely in pain.

Growing pains happen - and 200wad is experiencing some technical stuff. It's okay. We'll all lose our streaks in the great server apocalypse of April 2019.

Is it catastrophic? Probably not. Will it cause a few people to ask about their streak and its manual restoration? Probably will.

Technology is hard. You try to make improvements on a thing - and they seem easy. Then, you realize you've made a mistake -- but you're at a party or in bed or in some other way unavailable to get to your computer with a solid internet connection.

You reason -- it's not that bad. I'll fix it tomorrow. And, right you are. There's nothing to worry about folks. Our streaks will be okay. @baz has our backs. 

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