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Jun 26, 2019 17:25:15

I hate slobbering unicorn. My letter to myself. Does the glitter slobbering unicorn distract me???

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Sometimes I am lost, but today I feel a bit messy because I can't organize yourself and my workflow. I want to write here some thoughts about it and understand the problem.

"Slobbering unicorn" is a method in design thinking to find a solution and vision of a thing you are working on. You just have to imagine a unicorn's rainbow and glitter slob. This slob is magical and you can sculpt everything you want with it by your hands. 
But nonetheless, I don't love the method because it is disgusted for me. I don't want to sculpt things I love with someone's slob even if it's unicorn's and glitters.

I love the method "Imagine ideal <something>", I found this method when I studied to take interviews.

Maybe I should use this method to imagine my ideal workflow and management?

What do I feel? I am active and curious, there is nothing to distract me or makes me feel sad. I am in focus. I feel successful because I feel support and that I creating something great. I have done everything I wanted. I feel fun and openness.

What do I do? I work on my projects that will generate income for me. I spend my time with hobbies. I noticed that when I don't spend time on my hobbies, I am not I am, I am like missing a part of me. I meet people, walk. I don't spend all day in front of a computer. I don't wake up late, I don't miss my morning routine. 

I believe I need to set work time to organize my workflow, because I don't have this time for now. I can start work at 3pm or 9am and I don't have a work habit because of it. That's much easier to do things everyday at the same time, because we are cyclic creatures.

I want to be always inspired and amorousness by me, people around and other little things in our life.

I don't know what to add to my words, I will continue writing to my textbook.

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