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Mar 23, 2019 20:27:07

I don't really want to write today

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Janne Koponen

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It's been a tough day. Had to say goodbye to one of our cats. The one I wrote about a couple of days ago. The mood has been quite down here throughout the day.

The day has gone through, somehow. Haven't had strength or interest to do much of anything. Even after coming to the conclusion that it was the best, a choice of reason, its still hard to let go. Hard to realize he's really gone. Even that we had a couple of days to prepare for the inevitable.

So now I'm just trying to fill this void. With some useless words. Just to get it done. And maybe have something else to think about for a while. But even trying to come up with whatever seems too much for now. Normally it wouldn't be a problem for me to reach the minimum count of words.

Luckily I'm almost there already. Only a few more sentences and it's over. Done for another day. I think it has never been this hard. But I won't give up, I can do it. Just like every other day. Let my experience help me push it till the end. Just four more words.

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