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Jan 28, 2019 21:28:39

"I don't have time"

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Went through some answers on a "What's your biggest obstacle in achieving the career you want?" poll today, I discovered something surprising.

Commonest answer so far "I don't have time" / motivation / I procrastinate / I'm lazy #200wordsTIL

Some thoughts 👇


First, I want you to ask yourself if you _actually_ want whatever "it" is. Do you really want to improve your career or are you pretty happy? Nothing wrong with that. Awesome, even.

A quote from @amandapalmer's wonderful The Art of Asking Applies


No amount of internet advice can fix motivation for you. If deep down, you don't actually want what you think or say you want, only you can fix that. If it even needs fixing.


Or maybe you're afraid? 

That's okay, everyone's afraid. Nothing you can do until the fear of Not Doing It outweighs the fear of Doing It. Change is hard.


If you're certain you want it and there's nothing you're afraid of, why then don't you have time?

Time is a zero sum game. Doing something necessarily means NOT doing something else. That's how it is.


So where can you find time to make?

I like @amyhoy's concept of Buffy Time. I can't find a definitive article but in a nutshell: Would you rather spend 1 hour watching your favorite show today, or working on your dream?

Choose wisely.


And finally I think @Schwarzenegger said it best when he said "Sleep faster I would recommend"

Sleep is important, it helps you work more efficiently yes, but this speech is still great. Listen until it sinks in.



Actions express priorities.

You are always exactly the person you want to be.


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    @swizecteller good points and good tips. Self-discipline is a big one, too.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jan 29, 2019 09:00:23
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