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Jan 08, 2019 01:03:34

I called her my lady.

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It started when I was a wee child. I'd write

and write and not stop. I didn't know what to

do with the stuff in my brain. My lady taught

me how to type. That's what I called her. My

lady. Somebody taught me the difference between a man and

a lady, and I liked the sound of the word

lady. I didn't know the word shady, else I might

have made a connection. Alas, I didn't. I just kept

writing. My lady taught me to use words to express

myself. So, if something came into my head, I'd word

it up and put it into my fingers. Sometimes, at

the end of a wording session, I'd go and look

for the red squiggly lines and see what was up.

Those are errors. I know what errors are. I make

them. You make them. We all make them. There's no

need to focus on errors. If an author makes errors

and those make it into a printed book, it's not the

author's fault. It's the editors fault. There's a whole job

called editing. If that person doesn't do the job properly,

the errors wiggle their way into the final manuscript. The

blueline proof as they call it. It's because before they go

to press - or at least this is how it used

to be - they'd give you a copy of your book

on blue paper with the additional fonts and images pasted in. You'd make your final edits there. I can't imagine they do that anymore. It's a digital world.

Nobody even needs to print anymore. I'll just push it

over to your kindle when I finish removing the red


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