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Dec 12, 2018 13:44:53

I bought refactoring UI.

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Brian Ball

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I'm going to dissect it to learn how they launched a successful product. It was very successful.

I'll dissect the copy.

I'll dissect the launch.

I'll dissect the email drip campaign.

I'll dissect the colors

I'll dissect as many pieces as I can think of.

If you see a success, why not try to understand it?

I'm not reverse engineering it to copy it and be reductive. I'm looking at the pieces. I'm moving them around in my hands and taking in images with my eyes. I'm gathering experience.

Together, the hand and eye coordination will help my brain do the thing it does that humans call understanding.

The domain name

The twitter profiles

The tweets

The blog articles

The blog layout

Anything unusual special

The email delivery company: ConvertKit

The conference talks

The other courses

The authority - they built a lot of authority along the way.

The fonts they used

The size of the font

The weight of the font

The CSS of the site

The layout

The white-space around the content

The payment system ( Gumroad )

The downloadable Zip file

The videos

The Gumroad copy

The pricing strategy: $79 and $149

This is the whole package for $149:

1. The color palettes.pdf ( bonus in the primo package )

2. The Component Gallery.pdf

3. The Designing a complex form video

4. The designing a dashboard video

5. The designing content video

6. The Font Recommendations

7. The Icons ( 200 exclusive )

8. The RefactoringUI PDF ( it's literally a pdf )

Eight items that have alternatives online - many free. We're talking about raising our awareness of design elements.

At 160, they would be $20 each.

I paid $150

So each element is $18+.

Would I pay $19 for each of the items? No. But, the launch bundle. The triggering. The community of other people who purchased it. I had a little fomo.

How does it make me feel to buy it? I feel like I can make a few design distinctions and I'll be more competent. My hope is that I'll have words and language to put to my skills.

Maybe I can at least, competently produce and worry less about complete failure. I'm mitigating the complete failure scenario.

I won't know everything, but I'll feel more confident after breaking the pieces apart.

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    @brianball Thanks for sharing this! I was actually curious about how good it really was. Tempted to buy now :/

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 12, 2018 15:27:11
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    Nice job the way you laid out your steps.

    Russell Brunson, of ClickFunnels fame calls this strategy, "Funnel Hacking."

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Dec 12, 2018 14:16:18
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