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Jan 18, 2019 07:05:24


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Daniel Lucas

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How do we as a society untangle the web of systems and oppressions that bind us all? How can we tease out functions that support, that create echo chambers, that build contradiction into our lives? Where do you draw the line when it comes to placing blame, or - more accurately - understanding the enemy?

There's a beauty in being absolutist about the contradictions in our world. A freedom in believing there is no 'feminist capitalism', no world where the marginalized wage war, that really all we need to do is "flip the script" and all ships will be righted. It's beautiful.

It's myopic.

The fallacy exists on the surface, where the light is most blinding. The simplicity of assigning blame to the nearest ancestor detracts from an ability to get to root causes, to detach power from the powerful. 

As humans we exist on the margins, on the surfaces, in the realm of the immediate - it's built into our DNA as a species and it is, to lift from DFW, our water. We are not interested in living amidst the grey of life, or of holding multiple ideas at once and honestly honoring the role of contradiction in our society. We belittle it as comic, we satirize it and bemoan a 'flip-flopper'. 

But the truth is always something far deeper - it lies within understanding, in the grey. Our world is not a cosmic see saw, we will not win by tilting the balance the other way. It's a beautifully romantic gesture, but the true work of healing lies in trusting the contradictions, teasing out the spheres of oppression and influence, and doing the work of building to usurp the old. 

How do we do that practically? Daily? ritualistically, culturally, politically? I have no fucking idea. But theres something to the practice of practicing, of engaging honestly and trying to dig past the scabs that have barbed you. Past the groves of cuts the systems we live in that have scratched along our bodies, our psyches. 

How willing are you to look the beast in the face and kiss it? 

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