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May 20, 2019 21:35:50


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The news that Google has pulled Huawei's Android license is huge. In the past year Huawei has become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, ahead of Apple and behind Samsung. While Google's decision is solely based on being a US company and current US-China relations it's going to have a huge impact around the world.

Without an Android license, Huawei will be unable to use Google's services on their devices. This means no Play Store access, no Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, and no Google services that many non-Google apps depend on. Huawei must now follow in the footsteps of Amazon and build their own fork of Android and replace these critical services with their own or non-US alternatives.

Amazon has shown it's possible but their devices have only been successful as cheap tablets for kids and e-readers for a reason. They lack services that many depend on. In China, Huawei might be fine without Google's services. But in the rest of the world where it's become dominant? They could lose that entire market.

How will this affect existing Huawei devices? They'll retain access to these services but they probably won't receive significant updates. There's a lot to unpack within this dispute between the US and Huawei but it's noteworthy how much power Google holds over smartphone companies. Despite Android being open source, one single decision from Google can potentially ruin any of the companies that use it.

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