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Apr 22, 2019 11:09:23

How We Can Transform Idle Time

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Corey Rabazinski

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On average, Americans spend 50 minutes commuting to work each day. That's 4 hours per week and over 16 hours per month. That's time we can't get back. It is time that we aren't spending with our families, time we aren't being productive. It's time that will be at least partially recouped as autonomous cars become more prevalent, but for the time being, I think this problem could be used as a platform to build an information product. 

I previously worked at an education company and remember that one of the biggest challenges of user retention was students being able to devote time to learning. Sometimes life just gets in the way. It can be difficult to carve out a regular block of time to be fully focused on learning. 

That's why I think building an education tool specifically for commutes could be an interesting opportunity. Allow people to learn new skills while on their way to work transforms dead time into upskilling that can help these students get new jobs or be better prepared for their current jobs. It is at the same time every day and a  cadence like that can form strong habits which are key for progression and retention of new material.

The way I see it working is 2-3 lessons per week that are delivered via podcast format. Then one per week there is an interactive component or project to apply what you learned. The interactive component could be taken at night towards the end of the week or during the weekend. 

I think new modes of education are important because of the varying styles of people's daily lives. This delivery method, in particular, could help millions of Americans transform low value, monotonous time into a vehicle for bettering their lives. 

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