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Feb 10, 2019 12:31:38

How was your day?

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I saw this one simple question on the back of the toilet door in a study space I was working in on Friday – it was a poster for wellbeing services at the university. Reminding us the simplistic power of asking someone how they are, whether they just think it's nice of you to ask, or whether they've been waiting for someone to ask that one question for a while, it got me thinking.

Whilst, of course, many people will just reply 'fine, thanks' I do think just asking someone how it's going has its power. 

Equally, if I'm having a funny day I find it incredibly grounding and comforting to literally just listen to someone go through their day in detailed chronological order, just taking me through the events or feelings of the last twelve or so hours in their life. 

A not too hard challenge for you, and that I'll set myself as well then, is to ask a couple of people how their day is going today. I often make the effort to ask people behind the counter at the supermarket or in Boots or wherever I am the same question – anyone who's worked in a customer service job will attest it's remarkably rare to be asked this, and it's also just friendly.

How was your day?

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