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Mar 30, 2019 18:26:55

How to write a novel

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According to an article, let me summarize how to write a novel. The problem of writing can be categorized into two types:
  • How to construct a story?
  • With what kind of technique to express the story?

How to construct a story

There are two major types of story pattern: 

  • the growth process of the main character
  • the successful process to transform other characters = heroic story

Both patterns are a kind of changing process, typically in their minds. 

What to be changed

The change cannot occur by itself. It requires an accident or event, which triggers the change.  Simply the characters' mind is changed by some events. 

Steps to create a story

 First of all, let's pick either of story pattern: a strong character will change others or growth story. Then we need to think of how the change of thoughts is: 

  • who will change
  • what was his/her initial thoughts on
  • how their thoughts will be changed 
  • by what kind of accident

Add constraints

If you add some constraints on the problem that the main character tries to solve for some reasons. Then later the constraints will be removed. Due to the constraints, readers feel frustrated.

To apply these tips and steps, I need to practice in a later post.



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