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Jan 29, 2019 21:42:07

How to spot a liar - unuseful tip for Werewolf

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While looking for how to make a good introduction, I happened to watch TED Talk about "How to spot a liar" by Pamela Meyer. I like to play "Werewolf" or "Mafia", which is the game that spots the liar among ordinary player based on freestyle conversation. Whenever I took the role of a werewolf, I got nervous and felt my heartbeat.  

Before watching this, here is my empirical intuition to spot a liar. 

  1. a smile is a bit awkward 
  2. less eye contact
  3. a topic is a bit different from usual

Basically, I am somehow sensing a liar from unusual behaviors.

Pamela mentioned the followings:

  1. More formal & distancing language from the subject
    She took an example of Bill Clinton's claim. He used non-contracted denial i.e., "I did not have sexual relationships" and "that woman", which made more distance from the subject.  
  2. Look an eye a little bit too much
    People already know looking at the eyes indicates honesty, so liars tend to actually look at the eyes. 
  3. Fake smile
    People can create a fake smile but cannot control the botox around eyes. 
  4. Attitude
    When you talk with a suspect, he/she is ready to talk but usually not train the behavior. If the suspect was asked to talk about the sequence of events in reverse-chronological order, he/she will show some strange behavior. Inspectors are investigating that moment more in detail.  

Not many tips were found for Werewolf this time. Any tips in your experience?


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