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Jan 01, 2019 22:11:49

How to sell strategy without design or visuals

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You can demonstrate the value of thinking by talking and listening: Tell better stories, you don't need visuals. 

The first call.

Are they even qualified to be talking to me?
Can they afford me?
Do I align with their goals?
Am I vibing with them?
Is what they want realistic?

example: startup calls you, they have an app and want a website and branding. The framework of their app is done. The sales call is to close the lead.

Do constant micro-engagements / transactions + communication to give and gain trust. Intentional with words you choose and how to describe what you do. Because it's the best opportunity to tell who you are and what you can do for their client.

Not all leads are the same.

Ask the founder for their vision (what are you hoping to do?). 

It's not about selling, convincing or persuading. The conversation should lead to whether it's a good or bad fit. 

How to communicate to clients value-based pricing over time-based pricing.

If a client asks for your hourly rate, ask them why they want to know. Typically they will want to understand where their money is going. Here you can trap them, you can ask them: "if I finish the logo in fewer hours, will you charge me less?" They will usually answer, yes. "So I can charge you more if I spend more time on it?" And that's where the logic of paying hourly fails. You, the worker, is being punished for doing fast work.

Ask the client what they value more: Time or money? 

Most people value time more.

Give counterexample: You can hire 4 interns for the same money, but you'll have to manage them and you won't know what's wrong with the outcome and you'll get there eventually but now you aren't running your business. 

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    @flowen "if I finish the logo in fewer hours, will you charge me less?" "So I can charge you more if I spend more time on it?" - great question! Will be sure to use that the next time a client asks this! Thanks man

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jan 02, 2019 09:15:29
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