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May 04, 2019 06:37:31

How to pick your next tech focus ?

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I read this interesting article last week and have a thought about it. As a developer, this is one of the tough choices for us. How do you know which new shiny thing worth your effort?

Especially now a day as a dad with family, I have very little time for the self-learning, I choose carefully what I need to learn, what is going to help me in the long run, what is going to expand from my core skill, what is going to enhance what I can build. I seldom pick up a new programming language / Framework quickly.

There are a few good choices I make for the past 10+ year:

1. I touch on WordPress when is just fork from b2, it's still pretty raw that time, but I start using as my blog, playing with all the parameter, plugins, themes. After that WordPress become famous and getting more audience, it helps when I start my freelance work early that focuses on WordPress niche.

2. I start using Laravel 3 when it first releases on Forrest, I like it after trying on it, and none of the PHP frameworks impresses me that time. I spend lots of effort into it, I don't consider myself competent in Laravel, but at least after all these years, I know where to put what and what is a good practice. Now Laravel is one of the biggest & popular PHP frameworks 

I start my learning engine again recently since I make sure myself to keep self-learning, this round I have chosen Vue. Vue is work closely with Laravel; in fact, I think one of the significant reason Vue becomes popular is due to Laravel. So I choose Vue appears mostly new Laravel product then some popular choices like React.

How I pick up my next tech focus, I choose relevant to what I do then the new shiny things. It doesn't matter if it is not the superior choice for the other people, one day it might.

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    @knight cool article, thanks for sharing!

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | May 03, 2019 20:59:29
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