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Jan 27, 2019 12:02:48

How to move to the USA? Visa H1B. [2] (6/333)

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Hello, stranger. Have you ever heard about a worker visa lottery? No? So, you definitely should know about this. Today I will tell you about non-immigrant worker visa H1B.

H1B is one of the popular ways to immigrate. This visa valid for 3 years, with one possible three-year extension. You can bring your family, children will be able to study, but a spouse won't be able to work.

Many H1B holders usually apply for Labor Certification Green Card under EB2 (similar to H1B and O1) and EB3 (analog of H1B, but for immigration). Those for gain extraordinary ability apply under EB1-1 (analog of O1). Some people get EB5 (visa for investors, an analog of E-2) if they have sufficient funds.

What are the requirements?

You are in if you employed by US-based company and:

1) You have a high degree


2) You have 12 years of work experience


The quota is 65 000 + 20 000 (for people with a master degree).

Every year more than 150 000 people submit documents to apply for the visa, but only 85 000 lucky beggars get this visa. H1B system becomes a lottery, because of a large number of applications and it has a specific window for applications that start from the first of April and end on the first of October next year.

The lottery has two stages. At the first stage, people with a master degree participate to win first 20 000 visas. At the second stage, others and people with a master degree who didn't win participate to win leftover visas.

So you have more chances with a master degree.

People who haven't won get back their applications and fee.


Thanks for reading! Good luck!

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