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May 18, 2019 22:07:21

How to maintain your curiosity

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I tried to deep dive into epistemic curiosity in the post a few days ago. Today let me focus on how to maintain curiosity from psychology and health aspect. 

Our activities rely on mental and physical health. Without good condition, we cannot do good things. 

First, we need to simply be free from stress and tiredness as the starting point. We need to check sleep, food, and exercise in the past few days. If any of them is missing, we need to come back to the fundamental things first.

Second, make our mind ready to focus on a certain thing i.e., "flow mode." Try to recall when we are motivated to do something. This is more of a simulation in your mind.

Third, take action. Once we started to do something with good condition, we might have broader eye sights and have more energy to seek a further level of details.

Last but not least, add some spice. If we are getting bored of doing something like a routine, it would be a good idea to introduce some spices i.e., changes and see what would be the impact of the changes. We could take a different route on the way back or try something we thought were not interested in before.  



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